Analyst Coverage

Mar 31, 2016

SDxCentral: 2016 Mega NFV Report Pt. 1: MANO and NFVI


Telco Systems’ CloudMetro 100 is profiled in the infrastructure section of this report.  The CloudMetro 100 is a 10GE carrier-grade distributed NFV platform that utilizes cutting-edge technologies, like software define networking (SDN) and distributed NFV (D-NFV), allowing service providers to turn their networks from transport networks into IT-aware networks.

The report notes the uniqueness of the CloudMetro 100, which includes “high-availability and resiliency; Traffic bypass of applications in case of CPU failure; Low footprint as a demarcation/CPE device; Centralized remote management and control by the carrier; Service activation, throughput testing, and troubleshooting. On-going monitoring with hardware-based load and accuracy required to meet current SLAs based on the OAM standards.”


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