Analyst Coverage

Apr 14, 2016

2016 Mega NFV Report Pt. 2: NFV and VNFs


Telco Systems award-winning NFV CyberGuard, profiled in the report, is a cybersecurity solution to protect against inherent SDN and NFV vulnerabilities.

The report highlights NFV CyberGuard’s uniqueness as follows:

  • NFV CyberGuard is the one of the only cyber-security solution designed specifically to protect SDN and NFV networks.
  • NFV CyberGuard is deployed as a NFV at network edge at the closest point to all endpoints providing real-time monitoring and analysis of network threats, complete visibility of the entire network and the ability to apply cyber security policies and efforts to the entire infrastructure.
  • NFV CyberGuard includes an open API for integration of external systems and third-party applications and algorithms.


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