Oct 5, 2016

UTC Region 3 Combined Regional Meeting

Come see what's new with Telco Systems at the UTC Region 3 Conference

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, VA
October 5-6, 2016
Booth #9

Offering solutions for TDM Migration to Ethernet or MPLS,  Business Services, Mobile Backhaul, Cloud Networking, E-Rate, SDN & NFV and more!

NextGen T-1 bridge to Ethernet & MPLS Demarcation NID: 

One of the densest CE 2.0 / MPLS & Layer 3 VPN service demarcation devices on the market while supporting legacy TDM traffic today.  Available in commercial and temperature hardened models.
Telco System’s T-Marc 3312SC/SCH

The T-Marc 3312 offers service providers a way to extend the life of their existing TDM infrastructure by converting TDM traffic to either MEF CE 2.0 Carrier Grade Ethernet or MPLS based transmission services. 

Based on our history as a legacy TDM equipment provider, Telco systems offers over 40 years’ experience in providing TDM based solutions, we have one of the best and only standards based TDM clock generation and adaptive clock recovery algorithms in the industry. The T-Marc 3312 can interface up to eight (8) T1 interfaces over packed based services and it also provides up to twelve (12) one gigabit interfaces in a combination of four (4) copper based 10/100/1000 BaseT ports and either (8) SFP based Fast E or Gig E ports or MPLS ports. 

These capabilities along with the IP Plus Downloadable feature package, offer our customers extra life to their TDM legacy services as well as an up-to-date, state of the art migration path for future services. 

IP Plus: Remotely deploy routing capabilities rather than deploying physical routers.

Telco Systems has released the IP-PLUS software package that enables service providers to remotely deploy IP-related services from the metro or even from the CPE – on demand, as needed – to an existing or new Telco Systems Layer 2 device, without additional hardware or truck rolls. 

  • Support of L3VPN using VRF-Light
  • Support of L3VPN from the CPE / NID
  • Support of L3VPN from the aggregation layer / MTU
  • Support of dedicated Internet access (DIA)
  • Support of cell site router
  • The T-Marc with IP-PLUS – the right solution for service provider networks
  • Remotely deploy routing capabilities rather than deploy physical routers.
  • Industry-leading solution for L2/L3 VPNs and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), on the same device.
  • IP-PLUS enhances the already existing functionality of the best of breed L2 T-Marc devices which include superior features such as all support of MEF CE 2.0 service types,  advanced hardware-based OAM tools, SLA management,  50msec protection, L2-L4 service testing, performance monitoring and fault management.

Barry Newberger
Sales Director – South East North America

See you in Roanoke, VA for the UTC Region 3 Conference!

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