Aug 7, 2017

TriState Telecom

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Telco Systems’ is proud to present NFVTime – NFVTime is an open and neutral full NFV service environment that allows telecom service providers and network integrators a smooth launch path to NFV services. With NFVTime, SPs will easily provide their customers multiple managed, on-demand, business services that scale and grow with their needs. 

Communications services providers (CommSPs) are looking to network functions virtualization (NFV) to give them the network agility required to serve the growing cloud access and services needs of their enterprise customers. This market evolution is driving the demand for virtual customer premises equipment (uCPE)—a new class of demarcation device that leverages the processing capability of an Intel® processor-powered server configured with multiple service-providing virtual network functions (VNFs). The use of VNFs adds agility to the edge of the network by allowing CommSPs to easily deploy or wind down customer services to meet customer needs.

Here at Tri-State, you will learn how Telco Systems’ diverse product portfolio of carrier Ethernet and MPLS-based demarcation, aggregation, and uCPE solutions can help with your networks. These solutions enable service providers to create intelligent, service assured, CE 2.0-compliant networks for mobile backhaul, business services, and cloud networking. Telco Systems’s end-to-end Ethernet, SDN/NFV-ready product portfolio delivers significant advantages to service providers, utilities, and city carriers competing in a rapidly evolving telecommunications market. Telco Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (LSE: BVC). To learn more, visit Telco Systems at

We are looking forward to seeing you in Park City, Utah!

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