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Nov 3, 2016

Telco Systems Intros DOCSIS Demarc for Biz Services

Broadband Technology Report

Telco Systems has released its DOCSIS-enabled T-Marc 3308D demarcation device for cable MSOs to offer advanced data services to business services customers.

The T-Marc 3308D is a DOCSIS-enabled demarcation device that supports MEF CE 2.0, MPLS, IP and SDN networking capabilities to support data services such as dedicated Internet access (DIA), L2VPN, L3VPN, and inter-sites and datacenter connectivity, over existing DOCSIS networks.

"Over the past 10 plus years, many cable operators have successfully added telephony and data services to their core television content services, although these service expansion efforts have focused mainly on residential customers," said Raanan Tzemach, vice president of product management and marketing at Telco Systems. "Our new T-Marc device enables cable operators to address a new market segment and generate revenue from business customers, while positioning themselves to compete with other communication service providers also targeting the business segment with enhanced data service offerings."


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