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Jun 15, 2018

Brothers in arms: Telco Systems strikes a deal for uCPE with Arm

Fierce Telecom

Telco Systems has struck a multiyear agreement with Arm for the development of service-ready universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) boxes and edge devices based on Arm's architecture.

Raanan Tzemach, vice president for product management at Telco Systems, said the agreement includes the development of products for network functions virtualization (NFV), mobile edge computing (MEC) and internet of things (IoT) while also expanding the ecosystem for Telco System's NFVTime uCPE solution running on Arm's architecture.

In an email to FierceTelecom, Tzemach said the deal size was in the range of a low seven-figure amount. The two companies previously announced that Telco System's NFVTime, which is an NFV infrastructure (NFVi) operating system for white-box appliances, ran on Arm's architecture.

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