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Jun 14, 2018

Telco Systems gets funding support from Arm for innovation


Telco Systems will utilize the investment from Arm to lead the development of service-ready uCPE and NFV Edge solutions based on Arm architecture.

“Arm architecture offers low operating costs with greater design flexibility and better security for uCPE and edge devices,” said Drew Henry, senior vice president, Infrastructure Line of Business at the UK-based Arm.

Telco Systems will lead a development program that will include the product development of existing prototypes for uCPE devices, specifically those based on NXP and Marvell system-on-chips (SoCs), and service-ready uCPE and NFV Edge solutions.

Telco Systems said it will focus on the development of performance acceleration solutions that utilize Arm and containerization of VNFs and cybersecurity solutions based on Arm TrustZone. These new solutions will also serve as the foundation for future Arm-based Edge compute, IoT and MEC solutions.

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