AdvancedTCA® Switch Blades

Telco Systems’ 1/10/40/100G ATCA-compliant switch blades use the field-proven, robust carrier-grade BiNOX network operating system, and offer a complete set of traffic engineering, load balancing, OAM, HQoS and assured QoS capabilities, running at ultra-high speeds for AdvancedTCA platforms. 

System integrators, TEMs and NEPs can now offer a networking solution that ensures high performance between blades. The system is robust and ensures high network availability, accelerated application deployment and shorter time to market.
Devices Maximum No. of Ports Capabilities
T-ATCA 401 8 8 Y Y Y
T-ATCA 404 16 16 2 Y Y Y
T-ATCA 510 40 40 6 2 Y Y Y
T-ATCA 4020 20 20 Y Y Y
T-ATCA 4062 32-62 Y Y Y

T-ATCA 510
T-ATCA 510
Telco Systems’ T-ATCA 510 delivers unparalleled connectivity to ATCA platforms with support for 10/40/100Gbps multi-rate switching on the fabric interface (FI) and 1/10Gbps multi-rate switching on the base interface (BI). The T-ATCA 510 provides flexible port fan-out of up to 40 x 10GE fabric interface ports or 2x 100GE plus 24x 10GE or 2x 100GE plus 4x 40GE plus 8x 10GE. 

T-ATCA 404
T-ATCA 404
T-ATCA 404 uniquely delivers an extensive networking software suite, BiNOX™, to provide complete networking solution for ATCA platforms.

T-ATCA 401
T-ATCA 401
Telco Systems’ T-ATCA 401 switch delivers unparalleled connectivity to ATCA platforms with support for 1Gbps and 10Gbps multirate switching on both the fabric interface (FI) and the base interface (BI).

T-Metro 8006
T-Metro 8006
Telco Systems' T-Metro 8006 carrier grade cloud gateway and service aggregation platform based on open architecture standard and provides best in class carrier Ethernet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) density, scalability and price performance.

Metro Ethernet optimized Up to 1T of capacity in compact 6RU chassis and features like resiliency, hierarchical quality of service (HQoS), hardware based OAM, and layer 2 virtual private networks (L2VPN) capabilities.