Aggregation Switches

T-Metro High density Carrier-Grade aggregation switches provide:
  • Highly scalable solution to support a wide variety of services
  • SLA performance assurance with multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • MEF CE 2.0, MPLS & IP transport technologies
  • Hardware-based, field-proven OAM support
  • Enhanced Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS) and service granularity support
  • SDN ready with NETCONF/YANG and OpenFlow support
  • Remotely deploy routing capabilities through IP-PLUS Software Enhancement Package for DIA, L2/L3 VPNs and Mobile Backhaul services
Devices Maximum No. of Ports Capabilities
T-Metro 8100 40 40 6 4 Y Y Y
T-Metro 8006 248 80
T-Metro 8001 20 20 Y Y Y
T-Marc 3348 16 4 Y Y Y
T-Metro 7224 24 4 Y
T-Metro 7124S 24 2 Y Y Y
T5C-XG 24 4

T-Metro 8100
T-Metro 8100
Telco Systems’ T-Metro 8100 is a next-generation, high-density, standalone Carrier Ethernet platform providing MPLS, Layer 3, and SDN. 

T-Metro 8100 offers service scalability, carrier-class resiliency, and industry-leading features including QoS and OAM.

T-Metro 8006
T-Metro 8006
Telco Systems' T-Metro 8006 carrier grade cloud gateway and service aggregation platform based on open architecture standard and provides best in class carrier Ethernet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) density, scalability and price performance.

Metro Ethernet optimized Up to 1T of capacity in compact 6RU chassis and features like resiliency, hierarchical quality of service (HQoS), hardware based OAM, and layer 2 virtual private networks (L2VPN) capabilities.

T-Metro 8001
T-Metro 8001
T-Metro 8001 is a next generation 10GE service aggregation solution for mobile backhaul and Ethernet business services, offering a breakthrough in Carrier Ethernet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)  differentiated services.

T-Metro 7124S
T-Metro 7124S
The T-Metro 7124S multiservice aggregation device is a member of Telco Systems' field-proven T-Metro family of Carrier Ethernet switches.

The T-Metro 7124S supports link-level EFM industry standards, including IEEE 802.1ag CFM, ITU-T Y.1731 for loss and delay measurement, Y.1731 SLM for E-LAN testing, RFC2544 for service testing and Y.1564 for service activation testing, making it one of the leading OAM supported devices on the market.

T-Metro 7224
T-Metro 7224
Telco Systems’ T-Metro 7224 10 Gigabit multi-service Carrier Ethernet aggregation switch supports a Carrier Ethernet and MPLS network, enabling service providers to bring MPLS closer to the customer without the high cost and complexity generally associated with MPLS networks.

The T5C-XG multilayer 10G Ethernet switch is a member of Telco Systems’ field-proven T5C family of Carrier Ethernet switches (CES). 

The T5C-XG’s high performance, availability and form factor are ideal for broadband triple-play service aggregation and business Ethernet services.

The T5C Gigabit Ethernet Routing Switch provides an optimal solution for Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent Layer 3 Aggregation and Distribution services for Enterprises uses such as datacenters, and mini-core applications.

T5C-24GT supports 20 Gigabit 10/100/1000BaseT ports and 4 combo Gigabit Ethernet ports either 10/100/1000BaseT or plug-in miniGBIC (SFP) 1000BaseX, providing a total of 24 ports.

T-Marc 3348S/SH
T-Marc 3348S/SH
The T-Marc 3348S/SH 10GE ETHERNET/MPLS/IP demarcation device offers an all-in-one solution that meets the increasing challenges of mobile operators, mobile backhaul wholesalers, and service providers to cost effectively connect base stations and controller sites running LTE and LTE Advanced. 
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