Metrobility R105/2105 & R165/2165

Metrobility R105/2105 & R165/2165

T1/E1 Interface Devices

Metrobility R105/2105 & R165/2165
The Metrobility® T1/E1 interface provides cost effective high-speed integration and conversion of T1 (1.544Mbps) or E1 (2.048Mbps) serial copper telco communication lines to fiber optic links.

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The T1/E1 interface line card can connect to PBX's, multiplexers, ATM/Frame Relay devices, routers, network servers and video CODECS achieving extended distances, high density, high quality of transmission, and improved security.

Regardless of line codes or framing, the copper data stream is converted to optical signals for greater noise immunity and longer transmission. The T1/E1 interface line card supports remote fiber optic links up to 2km over multimode (1310nm) and 100km over singlemode fiber (1550nm).

The T1/E1 interface operates seamlessly with low bit delay, and all signal activity is converted ensuring accurate communication within connected segments.

Flexible Platform Options
These modular interfaces are supported in Metrobility chassis. DC versions of the R5000 and R1000 chasis are NEBS certified. The standalone version is enclosed in a rugged metal fabrication to offer superior reliability for the most demanding environments. Each standalone is equipped with an external, universal AC power supply.

Extensive SNMP Management
Metrobility's easy to use NetBeacon® ESP element management software provides end-to-end remote management to easily monitor framing errors, parity errors, CRC errors, bipolar violations, and far end fault alarms. NetBeacon ESP displays information about port type (T1/E1), transmit code configuration, line length configuration, line status, and loopback status as well as standard information such as serial number, revision level, date installed, etc.

Unique Remote Test Capability
The T1/E1 Interface provides time and cost saving features such as local and remote loopback testing, built-in BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing) and intelligent software management. A service technician can initiate out-of-band loopback by using NetBeacon ESP to set the fiber port in loopback mode. For remote troubleshooting, the on-board BERT routine can be used to determine line quality. All errors will generate fault messages for diagnostic action and can be accomplished without a technician visiting the far end location.

Data Sheets

Metrobility R105/2105 & R165/2165 Data sheet
Last Updated: 2012-03-30