Metrobility R502

Metrobility R502

Management Card with Dual Ethernet Interfaces

Metrobility R502

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The Metrobility R502 management card is the SNMP agent which enables management of Metrobility® chassis based systems by Telco Systems. Connected through the backplane to other modules in the platform, the management card is configured to gather statistical information from the entire chassis. Used in conjunction with the Metrobility NetBeacon® element management software, or any SNMP application, the management card delivers individual board status directly to the network administrator.

A web kernel is embedded in the card which enables WebBeacon™, a browser-based application for web-based management of network devices. The management card offers a command line interface to enable network managers to communicate with the card through familiar commands such as 'set,' 'show,' etc. The management card also provides the ability for FTP software upgrades and telnet capabilities for added flexibility.

Data Sheets

Metrobility R502 Data sheet
Last Updated: 2012-03-30

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