Business Ethernet

Service providers want to offer differentiated, assured business Ethernet and MPLS based services

Carrier Ethernet business users have diverse communications needs, such as: 
  • Low-latency, highly available network services for advanced applications
  • Dynamic bandwidth for remote backup, data center and cloud access
  • Video conferencing support for remote sites and mobile employees
  • Support for convergence of older technologies (e.g. PBX trunks)
Telco Systems provides flexible, comprehensive, managed, end-to-end solutions for differentiated, assured multi-service delivery over Carrier Ethernet or MPLS, including the T-Marc series of Ethernet demarcation devices, T-Metro series of Ethernet aggregation platforms and the EdgeGenie service management platform that provides real-time performance, monitoring and management across the entire service lifecycle.

Telco Systems reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by combining cutting-edge features with cost-optimized solutions.

  • Future-proof providers’ networks for higher scalability, traffic engineering and increased security utilizing Ethernet and MPLS on the same device with no licensing fees.
  • MEF CE2.0 compliant demarcation and aggregation switches for any site requirement and any deployment scenario – single/multi-business, fixed/modular, outdoor/indoor deployment, E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access, TDM convergence, single or multi-vendor networks, and a wide range of capacity options.
  • Carrier-grade Ethernet and MPLS switches incorporating a variety of protection mechanisms to ensure a high level of service availability and advanced OAM and HQoS to provide sophisticated and differentiated services in the demarcation and aggregation levels allowing providers to meet the committed SLA.
  • Superior technical support, professional services, based on years of expertise supporting service providers Ethernet and MPLS networks.
  • Empowering service providers to focus on deploying new revenue generating services, and minimize troubleshooting and truck rolls to reduce OPEX.

The Challenges of Business Ethernet

Assured SLA
In the last few years, the borders of businesses have become vague. They have evolved from physical entities with offices and branches, to virtual entities with many remote or mobile employees, and business critical data that reside remotely on the cloud. In order to support this new business model, service providers need to go beyond just selling connectivity, and towards selling services. To generate revenue, providers need cost effective solutions that support multiple services – each with unique service level agreements (SLA). To meet the required levels of service and user experience, providers must honor certain OAM attributes for delay, jitter and packet loss throughout their Carrier Ethernet network.

Reduce costs
Providers need to offer these services while saving on capital and operating expenses. They want reduced power, fast and simple troubleshooting and minimal truck rolls. Providers must also increase their networks’ efficiency, allowing for better use of the existing resources, and growing the network only when services load and actual revenues justify the growth.

Service provisioning and management
In order to support the required SLAs while minimizing expenses, deployment can’t be costly and time-consuming. Once deployed, maintenance operations must isolate and correct faults quickly and easily without truck rolls. On top of that, network elements that have been provisioned as part of service creation must be tested and validated during service operation and turn-up. In some cases, businesses also require real-time indications of the service levels they are being provided proofing the committed SLA is actually being delivered.
Telco Systems’ business Ethernet solutions offer key features including:
  • Future-proofing your network with Ethernet and MPLS transport on the same platforms with a ‘no licensing’ policy.
  • MPLS to the edge increases scalability, improves traffic engineering, adds security and resiliency, and helps to offload expensive core resources.
  • True HQoS using bandwidth profiles with hierarchal scheduling, shaping, and policing assures the ability to offer a variety of services to meet customer needs and committed SLAs.
  • Multiple resiliency mechanisms for either Ethernet or MPLS, such as xSTP, LAG, FRR, G.8031 and G.8032, which meet sub-50ms restoration requirements.
  • Per service, simultaneous OAM on all services and traffic flow – IEEE 802.3ah EFM and IEEE 802.1ag CFM to assure customer SLA and to optimize network transport performance.
  • ITU.T Y-1731, ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC2544 embedded testing capabilities for end-to-end testing per port/EVC/VLAN/COS.
  • Low latency with enhanced QoS mechanisms supporting traffic engineering on a per customer/per service basis.
  • Legacy integration/migration supporting T1/E1, DS3/E1 and OC-3/STM-1 over fiber using circuit emulation.
  • MEF CE 2.0 certified standards-based multi-vendor interoperability.
  • Service management that simplifies service turn up, service configuration, and network optimization to increase NOC efficiency.

Value Proposition

  • Network consolidation – support business services, packet backhaul, TDM over Ethernet over a single transport infrastructure
  • Increased scalability – Virtually no limit in the number of services
  • End-to-end service assurance – Per customer, per service QoS enforcement using HQoS
  • Optimized network resources – Create a more deterministic network that can offload traffic through the core
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX – L2VPNs supported by H-VPLS in the edge network are simpler and more cost effective
  • High availability - multiple redundancy technologies like MPLS reroute, ITU-T G.8031/8032, LACP, and resilient link.
  • Service Management – provision, monitor, maintain and optimize both Ethernet and MPLS transport protocols
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