Critical infrastructure

Utilities and city carriers can leverage their existing fiber infrastructure and right-of-way to create new revenue-generating services offered to other service providers or their end-users. Many already offer access to mobile operators for wireless backhaul applications.

Others have connected universities, schools, and libraries over Ethernet network to improve education, and offer FTTH-based residential services to the customers they serve. Many utilities also use their fiber to transfer their internal critical mission traffic as well as backhaul SmartGrid traffic.
As these services evolve, many utilities or city carriers find that they are managing multiple networks which may include: 

  • a control network over SONET; 
  • their own internal Ethernet network, 
  • Ethernet services to schools, 
  • a fiber to the home network to residents 
  • wireless backhaul network which might be a mix of both T1 and Ethernet. 
  • SmartGrid traffic with various criticality levels 

In order to simplify operations, network designers are looking for ways to collapse these networks over a single infrastructure that will scale to meet these diverse services while maintaining security, service level and reliability. This infrastructure needs to support multiple SLAs and QoS requirements on a per service, per customer basis
Telco Systems offers Ethernet solutions that can a support wide range of QoS mechanisms, advanced OAM options and synchronization interworking. These solutions can also support multiple protocols over the same infrastructure collapsing both TDM and Ethernet services onto one efficient transport network. Support for MPLS makes the solution more scalable and offers multiple traffic management and resiliency mechanisms to meet the needs of different services with different priority, security and bandwidth requirements. 

In order to minimize the need for training requirements, Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie makes Ethernet service management easy and intuitive. EdgeGenie uses a familiar graphical interface to provision the different services and take advantage of all the complicated OAM&P standards in an effortless way with very little training. It allows the utility to focus on the service and anticipate in advance and issues or changes that may occur in the network thus maintain the reliability associated with their brand name.
Value Proposition
  • Carrier-grade Ethernet edge solutions built to lower costs and provide service-aware Ethernet services to the customer or for your internal network. 
  • Layer 2 MPLS service implementations for enhanced Ethernet service scalability, traffic engineering, security, and resilience 
  • MEF-certified OAM capabilities to maintain customer SLA and optimize network transport performance 
  • Low latency with enhanced QoS mechanisms to support traffic engineering on a per customer/per service basis 
  • Ability to offer static routes and static delays emulate legacy networks 
  • A robust service management platform can reduce OPEX by facilitating end-to-end service provisioning, fault analysis and optimization using a familiar, easy-to-learn interface

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